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Going from NMEA0183 to NMEA2000 network on Teist

When we bought Teist the Garmin GPS GP 128, VHF Ocean Radio 4500 and Raymarine Tillerpilot ST1000+ was connected via NMEA0183 network. After the GPS broke down and after that the tiller pilot from Raymarine, we decided to buy a new chart plotter and tiller pilot.

We bought the FURUNO GP 1870. FURUNO is great with the commercial vessels but not known to give much attention to the leisure boat market. Nevertheless we decided to buy a FURUNO chart plotter. We soon learned that FURUNO does not support both NMEA0183 and the new NMEA2000 network like Garmin, SimRad etc. so therefor we began to look into the NMEA2000 network.

Until now we have not been disappointed with FURUNO. Especially the support from the Danish FURUNO department which has been really good and very helpful in the process of moving from NMEA0183 to 2000.

What my dad and I learned at the Boat Show 2017 in Fredericia was that all manufactures of modern navigation equipment has there own way and also standards when it comes to a replacement of the NMEA0183 network. Simrad for instance has there SimNet which is the same as NMEA2000 just modified with Simrad plugs, Raymarine uses SeaTalk and so forth.

So being in the middle of a period where the NMEA0183 is faced out and new network standards are presented, we are looking into a solution where we have to support both standards in the same installation.

Replacing the broke Raymarine Tillerpilot ST1000+  with a new one supporting NMEA2000 proved to be more difficult than expected. Being use to Raymarines tillepilot we would like to continue with Raymarine, but the ST1000+ is still soled with no modifications and still not supporting any other network than NMEA0183. As fare as I know there are no tillerpilots on the market that supports NMEA2000. The closest you get is the Simrad tillerpilot using SimNet. 

Simrads tillerpilot TP22 is more powerful than the ST1000+ and supports boats op to 34ft and with a Simrad Simnet to NMEA 2000 Cable Adapter. The Simnet backbone is actually the same as NMEA2000 just with Simrad plugs. So we decided to go for the TP22. A little backside that goes along with that chose is that there are no display on the TP22 – but connected to the Chart plotter that is okay i guess…

The new Simrad TP22 on Teist now ready to connect to the future NMEA2000 network

Having the FURUNO chart plotter we decided to stick with FURUNO and use their products installing the NMEA2000 backbone. I wrote Walther Fenger ( an e-mail asking him what to buy in order to connect:

He returned the following check list to go from:

“You will need the following items:

1 x FI-5002
1 x IF NMEA2k2
1 x 5m NMEA 2000 drop (between GP-1870 and FI-5002)

There is 1 x 0183 NMEA output of the IF NMEA2K2. This output enables you to connect both RO-4500 and the Raymarine 1000+ (both NMEA 0183).

Should you later wish to swap RO 4500 out with a RO-6800AIS this can be connected directly into the FI-5002, so you get AIS targets with the GP of 1870. “.

Even though the VHF RO 4500 is working perfect, the AIS function  in the new model RO-6800AIS would be very nice to have and also an extra security to have onboard in case of an emergency. We have therefor decided to buy the RO-6800AIS from FURUNO. The purge list has changed to:


This project is still ongoing so I will keep on writing :O)